Why Choose Geo Fencing?

Geo-fencing is placing a digital parameter around a physical location to build a real-time audience of people who enter the geo-fence. We capture their cell phone information from the location reader. 90-95% of people have their location turned on so they can use services like Uber, order food, etc.

  • Reporting

    Reporting provides detailed analysis of every attribute associated with a targeted display ad campaign. Data and insights are aggregated in real time for optimal ad delivery. Locations, impressions, clicks, time of day, etc. are all reported on in simple to understand analysis. Geofencing allows advertisers to feel confident about getting accurate results.

  • Scalability

    The size of the Internet allows for unlimited ad delivery.

  • Targeted Audience

    Advertisers now can reach audiences attending physical locations. Targeting greatly enhances relevancy, which leads to stronger campaign results.

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Geo Channels

How Does It Work?

Now once we have the information, we serve the selected audience display ads. Usually 3-5 times a day for 30-day campaigns. This audience is real time and physically going to the places you designate, like competitor locations or places of interest.

Geofencing campaigns consist of target zones and conversion zones. Target zones are the places being geofenced, where peoples cell phone information is being captured. Conversion zones are your clients physical place of business.

Not only can we tell you the geofenced location of the people clicking on your ads, we can also report on the website or app it appeared on. This information allows our AI to optimize as the campaign progresses and it also provides you with a detailed Return on Advertising Investment.

Geofencing Campaign Results

Where people go is the strongest indicator of their buying intent. Geofencing delivers your offer real-time; and for up to 30 days after the person has left the designated area, they will receive 3-5 ads a day.

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, geofencing is a cost effective and powerful marketing tool. Geofence ad campaigns can help increase both your client-engagement and conversion rates.

Ad campaigns with a precise message always hit the bullÔÇÖs eye. Our expertise in developing targeted ads for your campaign will convey your brand message to the right audience with a precise effect. The results of delivering relevant ads to a targeted audience in real-time are powerful.

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Location is becoming increasingly important in an advertiser mix.

  • 50% of total ad spend is projected to be in mobile by 2022.
  • 38% of current mobile spend is location targeted.

Talk with your clients and provide access to targeted markets they may not know are available. Utilizing geofence tactics with targeted display advertising can deliver audiences pay per click and social advertising are not able to do.


Advertise to an active audience in the market for your products or services. By geofencing competitor locations and points of interest, you are targeting consumers already expressing buying intent

  • 67% of consumers prefer to purchase in-store
  • 90% of total retail transactions occur in-store

Auto Dealers

Auto dealerships face a fiercely competitive environment. By placing ads for your dealership in front of people actively shopping for an auto, you are increasing brand awareness and displaying specials to a highly targeted, real-time audience.

  • 64% purchasing a care visit multiple lots.
  • 2 car lots is the average number of dealerships visited before making a purchase.

Reporting shows the locations the ads were delivered, click thru rates and total visit rate (TVR). TVR reports on people shown an ad and visited the lot.


Geofencing tactics drastically increase the visibility of your restaurant to locals and travelers alike. Have an office building you would like to target for lunch specials? How about travelers at a nearby hotel? Is there a concert or event going on near your business? Remember, a visit to a restaurant almost always means a sale.

  • 56% of people dine out once or more a week
  • 77% state the proximity of a restaurant is a major influence on where they decide to eat.

Geofencing locations and proximity is a cost-effective and proven method of increasing attendance.

Health and Fitness

The health and fitness industries are booming. The utilization of location-based advertising to reach members going to gyms and spas curates an actively engaged audience.

  • Over $10 Billion was spent on fitness equipment in the US last year
  • Over $32 Billion was spent on nutritional supplements in the US last year.

Advertisers are starting to actively target this valuable audience. Geofencing local gyms and medical spas is paying off for vertical industries such as nutritional supplements and fitness equipment.



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