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October 21, 2021

Connected TV Advertising

Getting your ads on the big screen is expensive and not an option for many advertisers.

Connected TV advertising has been called a game-changer, but it’s really just part of a larger trend that is changing how we think about traditional media. The rise of connected TVs and streaming video means more people are watching television online, which in turn means they’re skipping commercials. This puts pressure on advertisers to find new ways to reach their audience without being disruptive or intrusive.

TV advertising offers brands the opportunity to connect with viewers while they’re already engaged in the content. It also allows you to target audiences based on demographics, psychographics, location data, and other characteristics not possible with traditional TV ads alone.

Video Ad Formats

Video ad formats like skippable pre-rolls are ideal for small businesses who don’t have large budgets or can’t afford prime time slots during popular shows because these ads allow you to tell your story at scale

Here are some common video standards for distribution throughout connected television channels:


  • Dimensions: 960×720 px and 960x540px 
  • Audio bitrate: 128 kbps or higher 
  • Video bitrate: 2.0 Mbps or higher 
  • Preferred format: mp4 (h.264)

Are you looking for a new way to advertise?

Connected TV is the Next Frontier in Digital Advertising

It’s an incredible opportunity for brands and marketers to reach their audiences on premium content streaming through apps, either on a smart TV or through an over-the-top device. Ads can be served before content or during traditional commercial breaks.

With Connected TV, your ads will appear alongside some of the most popular shows on television today – from sports and news to entertainment and kids programming – so you can reach your target audience wherever they are watching video content. You have access to real-time data about who is watching what show at any given time, so you know exactly where your ad dollars are going. And with our advanced targeting capabilities, we make sure that only relevant viewers see your ads – increasing engagement rates by up to 30%. That means more views of higher quality! We also offer dynamic creative optimization (DCO), which allows us to optimize each ad impression based on performance metrics like viewability and completion rate across all screens throughout the entire campaign lifecycle – maximizing results while minimizing costs per impression. This helps ensure that every dollar spent goes towards reaching engaged consumers who actually want to hear from brands like yours!

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Smart TVs are quickly becoming the norm in homes across America. With their ability to be connected to the internet, smart televisions can offer a variety of entertainment options that range from movies and TV shows on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now and YouTube. They can also provide access to social media sites like Facebook or Twitter with just a few clicks. The ubiquitous nature of these devices is not lost on advertisers who are seeing this as an opportunity for targeted advertising at the individual level. Let’s take a closer look at the changing viewer landscape.

The way we consume media is changing. More and more people are watching videos on their TV, tablet or smartphone. This change has led to a new form of advertising: Connected TV Advertising. In this article, you will learn all about what it is and how it could work for your business!

Connected Television and Targeted Audiences

Have you ever experienced that moment when you are in the middle of watching your favorite show and all of a sudden, there is an advertisement? You can’t help but think to yourself “Hey! I’m already paying for this service. Why am I being interrupted by ads?” Connected TV advertising is different because it’s targeted to the viewer based on their interests. The entire ad will be relevant to what they are currently viewing or doing which means less people will find themselves angry with interruption advertisements.

If you’re a business owner, then you know how important it is to stay on top of the latest trends in technology. Connected TV is one such trend that can help your business grow. Learn everything about what connected TV advertising entails and if it’s right for your company.

Connected TV advertising is a way to reach your audience when they are in the comfort of their own homes. If you’re looking for new ways to advertise, then this could be an effective technique for reaching people who may not have otherwise encountered your brand.

The age of “traditional” broadcast television advertising has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean businesses should stop marketing on TV altogether. Connected TVs let you deliver ads specifically to customers who are watching content related to your business – without interrupting their viewing experience!

The advent of high-speed internet and the ubiquity of smartphones has left many wondering how they can reach potential customers. Connected TVs are one solution to this problem, as they allow for advertising campaigns that cater to specific demographics.

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