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Location Based Marketing

Increase Engagement

Geofence marketing is a location-based digital marketing strategy

It involves setting up virtual perimeters, or "geofences," around specific
locations where the target audience frequents, such as a store,

a neighborhood, or even a competitor's location. When a potential customer
enters or exits these defined geofenced areas with a mobile device,

it triggers the delivery of targeted marketing messages or ads to that
individual's smartphone or tablet.

Precise Geofence Marketing
Enhanced Customer Engagement
Data Collection and Analysis
Connect with Curated Audiences

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About Geofencing

Consumers receive offers that are relevant to their location and immediate interests

By providing timely and location-specific content, geofence marketing significantly increases user engagement. Consumers are more likely to interact with a message that is directly relevant to their current environment, leading to higher engagement rates.

Recent Testimonial

“The results we achieved were impressive by all standards. Using a targeted audience really does make a huge difference in response rates. Chris was great to work with. Always picked up the phone and consistently updated us with reporting. These guys are legit and I highly recommend them.”
Los Angeles, CA
Geofencing Mexico City

Partner Platforms

These are just a few of the platforms that we utilize when geofencing your business or cause. 

Why Getgeofencing?

Proprietary Features and Programs

Welcome to GetGeofencing, where cutting-edge technology meets strategic marketing innovation. Our remarkable line of products is meticulously designed for location-based advertising, empowering businesses to reach their audience with unparalleled precision and impact.

From Programmatic Display and OTT media services to Website Retargeting and sophisticated Audience Curation, our solutions ensure your message lands exactly where it needs to be—right in the hands of those most likely to engage.

Supported by our award-winning team of experts, GetGeofencing takes your advertising efforts to new heights. Delivering measurable results and driving success in a competitive digital landscape. We have an amazing track record of providing results for fortune 500 companies.  


Companies Who Trust GetGeofencing

These are just a few of the thousands of companies who trust us with their advertising budgets. 

Programmatic Display Gets Your Ads in Front of Targeted Audiences

Some Faq

Common Questions

Upon successful registration, you are granted access to an exclusive customer dashboard.

This sophisticated interface allows for comprehensive monitoring of your campaign's performance, accessible globally, at any time. The dashboard features statistics that are updated in real time, ensuring you have the most current data at your disposal.

We highly recommend consulting with our customer service representatives, who are available to provide detailed explanations on interpreting customer statistics and event data.

Their expertise will empower you to fully leverage the insights available through your dashboard for optimal campaign outcomes. You can reach out via phone or through our live chat if you have questions.

Over-the-Top (OTT) advertising refers to the practice of delivering advertisements directly to viewers over the internet through streaming video services or devices, bypassing traditional cable, broadcast, and satellite television platforms.

OTT content can be accessed via smart TVs, computers, smartphones, tablets, and dedicated streaming devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, and Apple TV.

Geofencing transcends traditional geographic limitations such as zip codes and areas. Essentially, this technology enables us to identify individuals who are in need of your services or are predisposed to make a purchase.

We then target these potential customers with timely advertisements, precisely when they are most likely to engage.

Furthermore, our innovative approach allows for the targeting of your direct competitors' customers, even while they are physically present within their stores, offering a strategic advantage in capturing market share.

At Getgeofencing, we take pride in our exceptional, award-winning team that specializes in crafting impactful advertisements tailored for Programmatic Display, OTT (Over-The-Top) media services, and Website Retargeting.

Our expertise extends to Audience Curation, ensuring that each campaign reaches its intended audience with precision and creativity. Trust us to elevate your brand's digital presence and connect with your audience like never before.

The leadership team at GetGeofencing has over 35 years of marketing and geofence marketing experience. Geofencing is great for all types of businesses including retail, non-profits, medical spas, hotels, gyms, golf courses, country clubs, funeral homes, caterers, wedding services, bars, nightclubs, trade shows and events, security and alarm installers, all types of schools, residential and commercial real estate, pharmacies, clinical research studies, yoga studios,

all types of health care providers and doctors, recruiting companies, smoke shops, lawyers, financial services, limousine services, landscapers, jewelers and jewelry stores, casino and gaming corporations, medical device companies, auto dealerships, furniture stores and many more.

Learn why Fortune 500 companies
and SMB's trust us to take their advertising to the next level.

Randy Ethridge


Chris and his wonderful staff have been able to grow my business quick and effectively. I can compete with the big sharks of my industry because of Chris's ability to deliver results to whatever part of the country I am targeting. Thanks to Getgeofencing I am now one of the largest distributors in my industry.

Nicholas Ingersoll

Owner 951evictions.com

The team at Getgeofencing has taken what was a small company and turned it into one of the largest provider of eviction services in Southern California. I use to serve just one city and now I serve all of Southern California thanks to Chris's ability to pair my company with those who need to evict tenants. His data is precise and I always see a tremendous return when I spend with Getgeofecning.

Aimee G

Aimee's Luxury Real Estate

Real estate marketing is very tough. Finding people who are looking to sell or buy homes has become increasingly difficult as rates have continued to go up. I wouldn't know what to do if it wasn't for Getgeofencing. Thanks Chris for all of your hard work and your ability to deliver me with consistent fresh leads.

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