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Get GeoFencing raises the bar in Strategic Digital Marketing with the Power of Television

A New Day in Television Advertising is upon us! 

GetGeofencing Targeted Ads

With more than 2/3rds of the US population having access to digital television, the shotgun approach of broadcast television is inefficient and results in wasted ad dollars.

GetGeofencing handles everything from commercial production to digital distribution.

GetGeofencing Targeted Ads

 If You Are Not Using This GeoFencing Tactic Already, You Need To Be

  • Users stream on a connected device.
  • Different profiles, behaviors, and characteristics are identified.
  • Our proprietary Geofencing software automatically bids on TV ad space for users that match the desired audience.
  • Impressions are distributed per the audience parameters.
  • People watching the same show will see different commercials.
  • Analytics are recorded in real-time and delivered to you so that you can see the results of your campaign.

FACT: 94% of all Geofencing TV advertisers plan to continue or increase their ad spend on digital television platforms this year.

More Geofencing Strategies

Get Geofencing Arrow IconRe-Targeting

Retargeting is an incredibly powerful tool used to re-connect with people who previously visited your website.

Get Geofencing Arrow IconConnected TV

Connected TV is defined as a streaming platform for digital video delivered over the internet through such services as Sling TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire, etc.

Get Geofencing Arrow IconAudio Ads

Audio advertising allows you to target audiences through streaming music services and podcasts.

Get Geofencing Arrow IconPolitical Ads

Even politicians need to advertise in an efficient manner, this type of marketing enables you to advocate ideologies through advertisements and campaigns.

Get Geofencing Arrow IconBehavioral Targeting

Behavioral targeting helps you with predicting your target audience along with the precise locations where they can be found.

Get Geofencing Arrow IconCategorical Ads

Categorical advertising focuses on an audience that has shown interest in websites or apps related to your business.

Get Geofencing Arrow IconMobile Ads

Get Geo Fencing’s advanced mobile advertising solutions create smart ad campaigns that help reach out to your target users with scalable results.

Get Geofencing Arrow IconDynamic Ads

Dynamic ads automatically change in order to adapt content and promotions specifically to each user, showing a product matching the users’ intent.

Get Geofencing Arrow IconVideo Ads

Increase user engagement and capture your target audience’s attention through high-impact video targeting.

Get Geofencing Arrow IconEvent Targeting

Event Targeting is a powerful strategy that can build real-time, targeted audiences very quickly by utilizing cell phone data.

Get Geofencing Arrow IconSearch Re-targeting

Keyword usage and analytics is probably the most intrinsic aspect of any SEO that marketers and content creators use to help their posts appear at the very top of search engines.

Get Geofencing Arrow IconNative Ads

Native advertising constitutes the unique style of advertising that uses paid ads to match the feel, look, and function of the media platform and format over which they appear.

Get Geofencing Arrow IconProgrammatic Ads

When you call our office during business hours there is always someone to answer your questions. If you contact us by email you usually get a response within 15 minutes.

Get Geofencing Arrow IconReal-time Media Buying

With the help of Get GeoFencing, you would be able to take advantage of a high-impact DSP, which provides you with the adequate technology and services required to perform real time media buying in the most efficient manner.

Get Geofencing Arrow IconReal-time Bidding

Real-time bidding (RTB) is a new and dynamic way to buy online media. Through an automated process, media buyers can evaluate, bid on, and purchase ad inventory.

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