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Geofencing for Real Estate

Did you know that around 97% of home buyers search for property online, and almost 76% search using mobile devices? Similar stats have popped in commercial real estate. It brings one inevitable fact to light; times have changed, and so have the intent and behavior of clients. Innovative marketing strategies are how you stay relevant in this digitally aware and competitive world. That way, you can reach your potential clients and stay ahead of your competitors.


Get Geofencing’s innovative use of geo fencing technology augments your marketing plan and helps you generate quality leads. Geofencing for real estate is a marketing strategy allowing realtors and real estate agencies to target potential property buyers based on their location. There are several parameters to keep in mind. Get Geofencing can help you with that.

 Geofencing Real Estate Target Areas for Quality Leads

Geofencing ad campaign begins by determining a target zone. Geofence is a virtual perimeter around a physical location, which becomes your target zone. Geofencing platforms collect the locational data when a potential client visits the target zone. After that, for the next 30 days, those people will receive tailored ads on websites and apps they access.

Some of the best target areas to initiate a geofencing for real estate campaign are:

  • Open houses: Target people searching for properties for buying.
  • Real estate brokerages: Target the people visiting commercial and residential real
    estate brokerages, preferably your competitors.
  • Banks & Credit Unions: Target potential property buyers visiting banks and credit
    unions for a loan.
  • New construction communities: Target people visiting construction communities to
    buy houses.

Additionally, you can geofence the neighbors of recent home sales in a specific location. Appropriate demarcation of target zones guarantees quality leads and faster real estate conversions.

Get Geofencing for Real Estate Targeting

Our team has experience and knowledge in strategizing real estate campaigns backed by innovative geofencing techniques. Reach out to us, and we can discuss the details and your business objectives. Accordingly, we will determine the target locations and marketing strategies best suited for you. Call or email for more on geofencing for real estate.


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Let’s Strategize!

Let’s talk about your business. Find out your goals, your target customer, and what you are currently doing for advertising. We acknowledge that every business is different. Therefore the marketing strategy should be unique and appropriate. We will help you understand digital marketing and geofencing marketing tools and why you must include them in your campaign.

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When you call us, a quote is not the only thing we will provide, as you will get a detailed consultation from our experts. It will be a business conversation between two professionals. We will discuss your business, growth objectives, and marketing budget, minus any pressure! Our team will give you the necessary information, so you can decide on whether Targeted Display Advertising is right for your business. For more information, visit our Geo fencing Strategies page.

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