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Gain a competitive edge with geofencing marketing in Orlando

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Are you looking for a marketing plan that propels sustainable business growth? If yes, you can try geofencing. Geofencing is a secret weapon to improve your digital marketing efforts. It uses location-targeting, enabling small and large enterprises to target potential customers, increase in-store traffic, and increase sales.

At Get Geofencing, we provide a custom geofencing marketing solution to businesses across several domains. We understand your business niche and goals and strategize a white-label geofencing campaign that can drive better results.

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Set up a geofencing marketing campaign to enjoy compelling benefits

Get Geofencing provides an effective geofence marketing platform, helping businesses to accelerate growth. We initiate the ad campaign by selecting appropriate target zones, i.e., the locations where potential customers often visit, and geofence them. Some of the best target zones we use for geofencing are –

  • Shopping malls
  • Residential complexes/communities
  • University campuses
  • Office building
  • Parks
  • Tourist destinations
  • Bus/train stations
  • Trade shows/event venues
  • Competitor locations

Our experienced team collects insightful data on prospects entering these locations and analyzes them to send programmatic ads. These ads follow the prospective buyers for 30 days and encourage them to visit your business area or conversion zone. Our team allows you to track the number of customers moving from a target zone to a conversion zone, generate real-time reports, and measure the overall progress.

Team up with Get Geofencing for location-based marketing in Orlando

We are one of the top geofencing companies in Orlando, helping businesses attain a significant market value with our geofencing marketing campaign. Whether local brands or national enterprises, we have a dedicated team of experts to handle diverse projects. So, if you want to improve your business bottom line, connect with us for a free consultation.