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Enabling businesses to target ready-to-buy audiences and increase local sales with custom geofencing marketing solutions.

Stand out from the competition with geofencing marketing in St. Petersburg, FL


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Are you wondering how to sustain business growth and thrive in this competitive market? If so, contact Get Geofencing, and we will help you with your concern by offering a custom geofencing marketing strategy.

Geofencing is a location-based marketing practice that helps businesses find prospects who are ready to buy a product or service and maximize sales. Unlike other digital marketing campaigns, it is easy to set up, cost-effective and can drive better results in a short time.

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Achieve your business goals by implementing geofencing marketing strategies


At Get Geofencing, we provide an appropriate white-label geofencing marketing platform to help businesses to bridge their sales gap and gain a competitive advantage. Suppose you own a café in a shopping mall. We help you create virtual boundaries around real locations like competitor cafes, office buildings, university campuses, etc., reach out to potential customers entering these locations, and send personalized ads.

A few things we take care of while executing our geofencing ad campaign are –

  • Understand customer preferences, buying intent, and behavior to create ads
  • Keep ads short, precise, engaging, and relevant to your business
  • Deliver 3-5 digital ads to potential customers every day and make sure these don’t sound like a spam
  • Send ads on mobile apps and websites frequently used by customers

Moreover, our experienced professionals also keep track of the number of potential customers moving from a target zone to the conversion zone, i.e., your business area. We monitor the significant actions of your prospects and modify the campaign accordingly. In a nutshell, we help businesses drive potential customers to their doorsteps and attain greater heights.  

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Get Geofencing is specialized in geofencing advertising in St. Petersburg, FL, enabling businesses to acquire a significant brand value in the market. Whether local or national establishments, we have worked on several projects across the US. So, if you desire to improve your marketing position with minimum effort, get in touch with us. We can help you with all your concerns. Contact us for a free quote today.