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Spread brand awareness, increase in-store traffic, and improve sales with a geofencing marketing strategy.

Reach out to the target audience with geofencing advertising in Tampa


In this competitive market, gaining quick business exposure and standing out in the crowd can be challenging, especially for local businesses. They often struggle to make their brand visible to their target audience and attract new customers. Are you facing similar problems? Get Geofencing can help resolve your concern.

At Get Geofencing, we offer geofencing advertising in Tampa. Our team uses location-based marketing strategies to help you spread brand awareness, build high customer engagement, and grow sales. Contact us for more information.

How does geofencing marketing in Tampa work?

Geofencing marketing allows businesses to reach out to ready-to-buy audiences. We pick up appropriate target zones for your business, i.e. the places target audiences frequently visit, and create virtual fences around real locations. For example, if your business belongs to the restaurant industry, our preferred target zones will be shopping malls, office buildings, parks, competitors’ locations, and event venues near your business area. We understand your business niche and choose the target locations accordingly.

We extract data from mobile devices crossing the fence using our geofencing advertising platform. Our professional team uses the data to gain customer insights and create relevant ads based on customer preferences. We deliver 3-5 ads per day to target potential customers and encourage them to visit your business.

Team up with Get Geofencing for geofencing marketing in Tampa

Get Geofencing is one of the leading geofencing marketing companies in Tampa. We have a dedicated team of experts to strengthen your marketing efforts with a location-targeting approach. Over the years, we have worked on diverse projects across several domains involving small businesses and national brands. We can help you strategize a geofence ad campaign to improve your sales and overall business competency.