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Location-targeting of potential customers to generate qualified leads, increase foot traffic, and sales for your business

Attract Potential Customers with Geofencing Marketing in Pompano Beach


As per consumer statistics, a person will visit the local store within 48 hours of seeing their ads online. The ad is your bait to attract the target audience. It evokes curiosity encouraging your potential customer to act on those impulses. If not anything else, they will at least visit your store. 

That’s the stepping stone to building a robust customer base, which drives significant foot traffic and boosts monthly sales. However, the usual marketing practices often fall short when meeting business needs. That’s where Get Geofencing comes to your aid with geofencing marketing services in Pompano Beach.  

How Does Our Geofencing Advertising Platform Work?

Get Geofencing presents you with a cutting-edge geofencing advertising platform to run point on your marketing efforts. We initiate the campaign by determining your target locations for putting up the geofences. These are places where you will find your target audience. For instance, a realtor can target credit unions or new construction communities.

Once the geofences are in place, the platform collects and analyzes the data from mobile devices entering the target zone. Accordingly, we help you to determine the potential customer with a high buying intent and send them custom ads. The ads encourage them to take action, benefiting your business. Geofencing advertising in Pompano Beach gives you a competitive edge over others. 

Geofencing Marketing in Pompano Beach by Experts

Get Geofencing will partner with you to determine your target demography, perfect your business goals, and create the best geofencing marketing strategies, so you stay ahead of your competition. Connect with our experts for a detailed consultation and a reasonable quote.