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Increase your in-store footfalls and strengthen your local business with geofencing advertising.

Maximize Your Local Sales with Geofencing Technology


local sales with Geofencing

Marketing strategies do not just involve developing newspaper ads, banners, and hoardings. These have evolved over time, allowing businesses to reach targeted audiences on digital platforms and promote their products or services.

Are you looking for an effective digital marketing strategy that can foster business growth? If so, you can leverage the power of geofencing.  

Geofencing technology allows businesses to find potential customers within a specific geographic location. Regardless of the size and type, you can use this location-targeting technology to gain competitive advantages. 

Get Geofencing, one of the leading geofencing advertising companies in Santa Barbara, provides a custom solution to all businesses. We understand the business niche and goals and define strategies to generate better sales and revenue. Call us today for more details.

Best geofencing marketing practices for your business


We believe the areas people go are the strongest indicator of their buying intent. Hence, we create digital perimeters around these areas and serve audiences with targeted ads across multiple platforms. 

Our geofencing marketing practices involve – 

  • Building highly targeted geofences
  • Distributing timely ads
  • Creating ad content with promotional offers and powerful CTAs
  • Tracking 24/7
  • Generating accurate analytics 
  • Optimizing campaign continuously

Whether you opt for our addressable geofencing or digital television advertising, we build a rewarding geofencing marketing strategy for businesses aspiring to grow. 

Talk to our experts for more information on Get Geofencing, one of the top geofencing companies.  

Choose Get Geofencing to set up a geofencing ad campaign.


Many big brands are using geofencing to increase their sales and revenue. Some geofencing examples in Santa Barbara are Uber, Burger King, and Amazon. 

So, are you interested in incorporating a geofencing strategy for your business? Choose Get Geofencing and start your local ad campaign. We are an experienced geofencing partner, serving agencies and business houses across the US. You can team with us to get a comprehensive solution to your concern. Book a meeting with us today.


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Let’s Strategize!

Let’s talk about your business. Find out your goals, your target customer, and what you are currently doing for advertising. We acknowledge that every business is different. Therefore the marketing strategy should be unique and appropriate. We will help you understand digital marketing and geofencing marketing tools and why you must include them in your campaign.

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When you call us, a quote is not the only thing we will provide, as you will get a detailed consultation from our experts. It will be a business conversation between two professionals. We will discuss your business, growth objectives, and marketing budget, minus any pressure! Our team will give you the necessary information, so you can decide on whether Targeted Display Advertising is right for your business. For more information, visit our Geo fencing Strategies page.

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