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Reach attendees at events, trade shows, and conferences with geofencing.

Exhibit Your Business with Tradeshow Geofencing

Do you want to get brand exposure in a trade show or event? GetGeofencing gives you the scope to run a successful event marketing campaign with geofencing. We harness the power of this location-targeting technology to help you reach the event attendees even if you can’t make it there physically.

How do we work?

Using our geofencing technology, we let an event marketing company build a digital perimeter around the location where a tradeshow, conference, or event occurs. The geofence or virtual boundary helps fetch the locational data of attendees and develop personalized ad content that includes brand details, booth location, etc. These tailor-made ads are enough to help businesses connect with their targeted audiences during the scheduled event. Even if you fail to attend the conference or trade show, you can still connect with event attendees like never before.

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Opt for Our Geofencing Technology to Enjoy Several Advantages

GetGeofencing, a reputed digital marketing agency, is ready to partner with any business aspiring to promote its brand at an event. Regardless of your business type and size, you can opt for our geofencing platform and acquire high event marketing efficiencies compared to other location-based marketing techniques.

A few compelling reasons why an event marketing firm trusts our geofencing platform are as follows.


  • Target several event locations, including – stadiums, music centers, convention centers, parks, street fairs, festivals, etc.
  • Develop engaging ad creatives.
  • Display ads on websites and mobile apps highly accessed by potential customers.
  • Deliver ads up to 30 days even if the event gets over.

Get Custom Event Marketing Solution for Your Business

GetGeofencing specializes in offering one-stop geofencing marketing solutions to event marketing companies. From ideating event marketing plans to optimizing ad campaigns, we take care of all your tradeshow geofencing requirements so that you can meet your desired objectives. Schedule your meeting at your convenience.