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Reconnect with Your Target Audience using a Retargeting Approach.

Drive Results with Targeted Retargeting

Retargeting is an incredibly powerful tool used to interact with people who previously visited your website but haven’t yet made any purchase. It’s an opportunity to recapture potential leads with customized ads with an intention to convert them and enhance the loyal customer base.

Suppose a prospective customer abandoned a shopping cart without completing the checking out process. In order to bring the person back to the sales pipeline, you can use retargeting ads. At GetGeofencing, we help create ads that showcase the same product they have recently viewed or added to the cart. Displaying relevant ads help improve the conversion rate, meeting your marketing and revenue goals.


Studies show that 33% of marketers use a retargeting approach to earn more new customers. Seeking the help of our experts you can also experience a better bottom line in your business.

Here’s How We Work:

We prefer offering pixel-based retargeting services using which you can re-display your offers to any anonymous site visitor. The steps we follow –

  • We place a JavaScript code (often referred to as a pixel) on your website to track your site visitors. The code remains invisible to visitors and does not affect the site’s performance.
  • When a potential buyer browses your website, the code automatically drops an anonymous browser cookie. 
  • Later, when these visitors leave the site and continue to browse the web, the tracking cookie recognizes their websites and notify our retargeting providers to serve ads. 
  • We ensure that these ads reach the right people based on the specific pages they visited on your website. Potential buyers after clicking on the ad appear back to the website, increasing the likelihood of their purchase.  

      Our pixel-based retargeting ads are timely, relevant to a particular page on your site, and based on customer behavioral patterns. 

      Talk to our experts for more details.

    More On Retargeting – Explore Its Benefits!

    Retargeting provides the highest click-thru rate and conversion than any other strategy. With proper geofencing integration, real-time reporting, and constant optimization of a retargeting ad campaign, you can experience improved ROI in your business. Indeed, it is a powerful branding and optimization tool, but it needs to be part of an overall digital campaign.

    Retargeting ad campaigns offer flexibility in terms of ad formats. Researchers say that modern marketers use different social media platforms to deliver retargeting ads. 

    • 77% of marketers prefer Facebook and Instagram to run this ad campaign. 
    • 44% and 35% of marketers use Twitter and Linkedin for retargeting.

     Retargeting enables advertisers to showcase offers to people who have once shown interest in them. Since these ads align with their preferences, needs, and buying intent, prospective buyers have a more relevant experience. These customized and relevant ads when used to target the audience enhances user experience, increasing the chance of conversions.

    Propel Business Growth with Retargeting Strategies

    Do you want to convert window shoppers into real customers? Generally, 2% of shoppers get converted into loyal customers during their first interaction or first visit to your website. The remaining 98% get converted through retargeting. 

    GetGeofencing, the retargeting agency, helps businesses attract and convert 98% of their potential clients with appropriate retargeting strategies. You can follow them to grow your customer base.

    • Site Retargeting – The strategy involves displaying ads on different websites scrolled by the users who have once visited your site. With these targeted ads, you can bring them back to your site and encourage them to take a desired action. 

    site retargeting

    • Social Media Retargeting – Social media platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram, are quite popular for retargeting ad campaigns. Suppose you consider Facebook retargeting. You can display ads to people who have viewed your Facebook profile, liked your page, and interacted with your posts but haven’t made any desired action. You can reconnect with them to enhance brand visibility.  

    social media retargeting

    • Search Retargeting – Here you can display ads based on customers’ search behavior. You can display ads to people who have used relevant keywords or visited a competitor page. Targeting people with a search retargeting ad campaign can help capture attention of potential customers interested in your offerings.

    search retargeting

    GetGeofencing allows its clients to monitor and measure the performance of a retargeting ad campaign. Its easy-to-access dashboard gives insights into the key metrics like click-through rates, conversion rates, ad views, cost-per-click, etc. Based on this data you can refine your strategies and optimize your efforts to attain desired business objectives.

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