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Retail Marketing

Increase in-store visits and boost customer experience with innovative geofencing marketing strategies.

Geofencing Marketing in Retail Sector

Marketing trends and applications are fast evolving. You must keep up if your business entails retail sales. With more people relying on ecommerce platforms for shopping needs, brick-and-mortar stores are on the brink of a sales crisis. That’s when retailers look for advanced marketing strategies to accelerate their sales. Check out Gartner’s report to learn about different other retail marketing approaches.

GetGeofencing’s marketing approach helps retailers stay visible and relevant to their target customers. Using this technique, you can entice more people to your store, encourage them to buy products, and stay engaged.  

Do you want to go digital with our business marketing plan? We can serve you with the right geofencing marketing strategies considering your requirements.


Retail marketing

How Geofencing Works for Retail Marketing?

retail marketing 

Geofencing allows retailers to target customers using their locations. We mark a physical location as your target zone to attract potential customers. Once the geofence is up, we collect locational data from the mobile devices entering the target zone.

We then use the data to create custom ads and send them to your potential customers, encouraging them to visit your retail outlet. The timeline stays active for 30 days, during which you can send ads to your target audience multiple times a day. 

The best thing about our retail marketing approach is you can track and monitor our ad campaign 24/7. You get access to our real-time dashboard, track the performance metrics, and make optimizations as required.

Target Locations for Retail Marketing with Geofencing

Based on our experience, here are a few common target locations for retail businesses to geofence.

• Few blocks around the business
• Competitor location
• Nearby malls
• Nearby tourist destinations
• Residential communities

Nevertheless, the location usually changes based on the type of retail outlet and business objectives of the owner. Our team can help you determine the best target zones for your business.

Retail marketing using geofencing has helped businesses increase their footfall significantly. All the big brands use it to attract more customers. Now, you know the secret to their success!

Want your business to gain more visibility, increase in-store traffic, and boost sales? Contact GetGeofencing and talk with our experts today.