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Event Targeting

EVENT TARGETING: Build Your Audience – Geofence Marketing

Discover new customers by event targeting. Events like sports games, conferences, conventions, trade shows, concerts, music festivals and more give you a chance to reach your target audience. Keep in mind that most of the people at any given event will have their mobile devices with them – so we can capture their attendance and market to them for up to 30 days after the event.  The audience that attended the event will continue to receive 3-5 ads a day. This time frame can be extended through a retargeting campaign.  Learn more…

Here are some events your business can target:

  • Trade Shows
  • Convention Centers
  • Stadiums
  • Office Buildings
  • Competitor Locations
  • Parks
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
Event Targeting a Specific Event

What Events Align with Your Business?

Ask yourself, what event shares a commonality with the audience of your business? For example, a sporting goods store may be interested in serving ads to parents of Little League games at a local ballpark.  How about the audience of a professional sporting event?  They are very likely to be interested in team gear and sporting equipment.

If you’re a clothing store selling western apparel, you might find customers at a country concert. It’s happening at the local venue this weekend! The options are endless.

With Event Targeting, you can target an audience of people who are most likely to be interested in the product or service. This is because they attended an event about your product or service during a specific date and time window!  Remember the places people go is the strongest indicator of their buying intent. Here are some ideas.

Build an Audience of Like-minded Consumers

Event Targeting Like Minded Audience
Event Targeting Like Minded Audience

With Event Targeting, marketers build an audience of like-minded consumers interested in your product or service based on their recent attendance at an event during a specific date and time window.

How Event Targeting Works

It’s as easy as one, two, three! Give us the details of the event  and we’ll do the rest. A virtual geo-fence will be traced around your event space, so people can’t miss your message!

When a person with a cell phone enters the geo-fenced location during the event, they become part of an active audience that is targeted with digital ads. Another great feature, this audience is portable and can be used with other campaigns.

Specific Dates and Times

As we mentioned earlier, the real benefit to geofencing lies within the timing. Event location geofences are live only during a specific date and time window.

In keeping with our earlier example, let’s say you are a western clothing store and want to build an audience during a country music concert at a big arena. Earlier in the day before the concert, there is a baseball game being played at that same arena. With Event Targeting, we can target the arena only during the time that the concert is being held and avoid wasting impressions on the unrelated audience that is attending the baseball game at the same location. In fact, geofences can achieve granularity down to the quarter-hour level!

Align Event Targeting with Relevant Marketing Messaging

With Event Targeting. audiences can be built, molded, and optimized in a way that best aligns with your business’s individual marketing efforts. Not to mention, our platform offers a fully automated process to run Event Targeting campaigns on single or multiple locations, dates, and times.

Case Study

Here is a very cool case study.  We were hired by a client to capture lake goers and outdoor enthusiasts.  Over Labor Day weekend, we set up event targeted geofences around marinas, beaches and events being held.

We wanted to demonstrate how we can build targeted audiences around specific interests and hobbies. We were able to capture significant audiences at each of the targeted locations, and our analysis yielded several actionable findings.

We were able to observe how lake activities and holiday weekend foot traffic vary from region to region. This exercise showed how businesses like boat sellers, jet ski rentals, and lakeside restaurants can use geofencing to capture an audience of lake-goers and target them throughout the summertime and into the year.

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