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Get Geofencing Marketing in Texas

Use geofencing digital ads to target specific locations and reach the right
audience at the right time.

Harness the Power of Geofencing Digital Ads in Texas

Did you know more than 5 billion people spend 5.4 hours a day on smart phones? Use this to bring success to your business! Get Geofencing, one of the leading geofencing marketing companies in Texas uses the latest location-based advertising technology to advertise to your most likely prospects. Remember, the places people go are the strongest indicators of their buying intent.

Geofencingis cutting-edge marketing technology: We build virtual fences around precise, physical locations. This creates an audience of people attending the designated locations by capturing data from their cell phones.

The audience will start seeing advertisements on most websites, apps, and even connected television shows. The ads are distributed programmatically, which simply means the users will see the ads on whatever website, app, or streaming television show they access.

Weekly reports will showcase:

  • How many impressions were delivered to each location.
  • How many people receiving ads physically visited your store.
  • The location your store visitors came from.
  • How many people clicked on the ads
  • The location they attended and clicked on the ads
  • Click-Through Rate
  • And much more…

Call us for geofencing advertising costs in Texas. We offer simple, budget-friendly pricing plans for both local and national campaigns.

How Geofencing Marketing Companies in Texas Yield ROI for Your Business

Get Geofencing delivers custom solutions based on consumer behavior across websites, television, podcasts, and applications. Let’s walk through one of the common geofencing marketing examples in Texas.

Retailers use Geofencing Digital Ads to Improve Traffic at a Physical Store.

The retailer hires Get Geofencing to create a virtual fence around competitor locations, building a targeted audience. Get Geofencing starts delivering geofencing advertising to people visiting the competitor’s locations. The ads start appearing on websites, apps, and even connected television commercials. The ads go cross-platform, being delivered on cell phones, desktops, laptops, television, etc.

Remember, the audience is already in the market for the retailer’s product or service. The ads feature a discount or benefit that captures the eyes of the competitor’s customers. This is the magic of targeted advertising.

Geofencing White Label Services in Texas are Available for Digital Marketing Agencies

As a leader in offering geofencing white-label services in Texas, Get Geofencing works with hundreds of agencies, providing agency clients with the latest in geofencing technology and white- labeled reporting. Our friendly staff makes it easy and profitable for agencies to offer this service to their clients.

Get Geofencing utilizes cutting-edge technology to deliver the right ads to the right people. We focus on impressions, audience, foot traffic, clicks, and view-through conversions to measure your geofencing marketing campaigns.

Ready to bring your business in front of the right audience? To know more about geofencing digital ads in Texas, contact Get Geofencing!


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