Geofence Platforms in California- A Brief Guide to Remember

July 8, 2022

Did you know targeting specific people in physical locations is a reality now? Do you want to take a quick glimpse at geofencing? Let’s read on!

Nowadays, personalization is everywhere. Customers love customized offers, so brands use them in marketing. As a result, this trend has given rise to the use of geofencing. If you want to reach a specific audience at the right time, you need to use geofence platforms in California. So, how does geofencing work?

Geofencing collects location data from your audience’s device. With the power of geofencing, you can target zones. Then your target audience sees relevant ads on connected television, apps, or websites.

On geofence platforms, businesses can see who clicks the ads and when. This, in turn, pushes conversion rates and yields higher ROI. After all, where your prospects go is the strongest indicator of their buying intent.

In this age, relevant advertising works well. 75% of people prefer ads relevant to their interests. With geofencing, your business can see a new horizon. So, how to get started? What is the essential information to keep in mind? Let’s dig deeper into this post!

What is Exactly Geofencing?

Geofencing is an effective application. Through this tool, you can define a virtual perimeter around a physical location. Businesses can use it as an ad medium based on the location data. Potential customers only see the ads if they enter the digital boundary.

Widely used in advertising, geofence platforms in California are good for promotions. On the other hand, you can use it to send an alert, too. You can also put a fence around a competitor’s shop to keep an eye on consumer behavior. This will tell you when customers go in and exit the area.

Know about Addressable Geofencing

If you want to use geofencing, you must know the basics of addressable geofencing. This method follows a list of addresses that you upload on geofence platforms in California. And your display ads show up on the addresses.

The display ads work on cross-platforms connected to the internet. So, your prospect can see the ads 3-5 times a day. Meanwhile, you should remember this is a stand-alone tactic. But this does not mean you cannot use it for a multi-channel approach.

From connected TV to direct mail to print ads, it works in many ways. You can notice an increase in foot traffic, frequency, and reach. When you want to target households, addressable geofencing is great.


In the end, make geofencing a part of your marketing mix. You can write to us about how you would like to churn out geofence campaigns. By tracking the specific audience, we can exceed your expectations. To know more, call us today!


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About The Author:

Christopher Seminatore is the Managing Partner at GetGeofencing. He is ex-Naval Intelligence, graduated from Miami of Ohio, currently resides in Baja California and guest lectures at UC Irvine on Hyper-Local Marketing for the Business Administration Master’s Program. He is spearheading another project to assist business owners aptly named GetGeoLocal. Mr. Seminatore is an avid motorcycle enthusiast that hates working out but does it anyway. Go Bengals, Go Rams!  

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