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Connected TV advertising delivers the power of television commercials with the precision of programmatic marketing.

Connected TV Geofencing

Connected TV can be defined as a streaming platform for digital video delivered over the internet through such services as Sling TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV.

Get Geofencing’s proprietary system can target audiences and deliver the power of television commercials to this targeted audience. Learn more about Connected TV Geofencing here.

When it comes to the future of video advertising – Connected TV is the first thing that should be on the top of every advertiser’s list. The benefits of advertising through Connected TV range from brand awareness to direct response.

Why Choose Get GeoFencing Connected TV Solutions?

Get Better Control Over Who Watches Your Ads

As stated, Connected TV advertising utilizes programmatic channels to deliver television commercials. You can reach a very targeted audience, getting the most out of your ad spend. All programmatic tactics can be utilized to serve your ads to the precise audience your campaign should be in front of.


Connected TV is a cost-effective solution because it is relatively new. Networks on Connected TV are hungry for advertisers, which translates into lower costs. Advertisers are able to run more commercials to a very targeted audience at a lower cost.

We Serve Your Ads at The Right Time

Connected TV offers complete control over your campaign. From frequency, time of day, networks, shows, to your target audience. You have complete control of your campaign.

Real-Time Results

With Get Geofencing’s Connected TV advertising, we make sure that you get real-time results, which can be further used to optimize your ad campaigns in the best way possible.

Keep Up With The Changing Times

In this digital era, technology has transformed the way audience perceives content. Similarly, with Get Geofencing’s Connected TV Advertising, we can help revolutionize the way you reach out to your target audience with your ad campaigns. The key to successful advertising in this day and age is to keep up with the changing times, and our Connected TV advertising solutions help you exactly with that.

Data-Driven Campaigns

Connected TV advertising is all about data-driven campaigns, as we use first-party and third-party data to target your ideal audience across all digital devices. Integrating a data-driven advertising strategy is one of the best ways to make your campaign a success.

Ad Performance Tracking

Get Geofencing’s Connected TV Advertising tracks your ad performance. All of the precision of programmatic reporting is available for Connected TV campaigns. From video completion to gross rating points, Connected TV advertising allows you to measure the effectiveness of your ad campaigns, unlike broadcast television.

Target an Engaged Audience

Connected TV Advertising is gaining more prominence because it’s possible for businesses to present their ad content in front of audiences that are already engaged and invested.

An Interactive Viewer Experience

We can help design your Connected TV advertising campaign in a way that offers you maximum flexibility, alongside making sure that your audience has a very personal experience watching your ads. We are committed to crafting Connected TV ads that are not just detail-oriented, but also as interactive as possible for your audience.

Create Space For New Audiences

Choosing Connected TV advertising allows you to make a smart choice in the world of marketing, as it opens up your door to a totally new audience. Presenting your ads to the right audience at the right time, with control over how many times you want to run them maximizes conversions.

Transform the way your viewers perceive and experience your ad campaigns. Our experienced and expert team at GetGeoFencing explores the different dimensions of advertising with Connected TV, so that you can take a step beyond the way advertising is done.


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