Geofencing Examples for Marketers

December 2, 2021

Geofencing is a powerful tool for marketers, quickly becoming one of the most important tools in their arsenal. Marketers are always looking for innovative ways to connect with their customers. Geofencing is a relatively new technology that can be used in many different ways, depending on the marketing campaign. Geofencing examples combine creativity with technology.

Here are some of the most common geofencing examples:

Restaurants can use geofencing to send coupons and discounts to people near their establishment. It is a great way to increase foot traffic and sales. People are to respond to an ad if the location is within walking distance.

Retailers can use geofencing to send special offers and discounts to customers attending a competitor location. Competitor conquesting campaigns will increase sales and brand awareness to an audience that is out actively shopping for the product or service.

Marketers can use geofencing to put products and services in front of active audiences.

By geofencing an event such as trade shows, concerts, or festivals, marketers can send special offers and discounts to those attendees. It is a great way to establish brand awareness and increase sales at high-traffic locations where marketing costs would be prohibitively expensive. Banners, scoreboards digital display advertising at events can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Geofencing can provide a more cost-effective way to reach the same audience.

Political campaigns are always looking for new and innovative ways to get their message out to potential voters.

Geofencing sends targeted messages to people in specific areas. For example, a campaign geofences areas near a polling station on election day. Advertisements feature reminders to vote. For a great video about using geofencing in political campaigns, click here.

Geofencing is a great way to do this, as it allows campaigners to target people based on their location. For example, they could send messages only to people within a certain distance of the campaign office. Geofence campaigns can serve as an effective way to get people out to vote for them on election day. 

Also, using location-based advertising is very effective in targeting like-minded political perspectives.

Many different geofencing capabilities are effective in reaching new customers. Effective campaigns suit the specific needs of the business and its customer base. In Geofencing, there are no limits to what marketers can do to connect with their customers.

Many other geofencing capabilities connect with customers.

The possibilities are endless with technology’s constantly evolving trends. Marketers who want to stay ahead of the curve should start using geofencing in their marketing campaigns as soon as possible. It’s a powerful tool used in many different ways to reach a wide range of audiences. Geofencing is something that all marketers should be keeping an eye on.

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Christopher Seminatore is the Managing Partner at GetGeofencing. He is ex-Naval Intelligence, graduated from Miami of Ohio, currently resides in Baja California and guest lectures at UC Irvine on Hyper-Local Marketing for the Business Administration Master’s Program. He is spearheading another project to assist business owners aptly named GetGeoLocal. Mr. Seminatore is an avid motorcycle enthusiast that hates working out but does it anyway. Go Bengals, Go Rams!  

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