Geofencing for Events

April 14, 2021

Geofencing for Events

Next time you go to a ballgame or any other event, take a look around. First, notice the sponsorships displaying on banners and scoreboards. Colorful flags with sponsored brands flap in the wind. Scoreboards display huge logos with lights and colors. Big Buy, Bud Lite, Riley’s Auto Parts and other businesses have integrated their brand into the consumer fabric.  They learned the value of targeted advertising. Advertisers are able to get their brand in front of a specific demographic determined by the type of event. This is very valuable information and will start off our discussion about geofencing for events. The glaring problem with advertising with sponsored ads at events is once the event is over, the exposure to brands stops.

The second thing you want to do is look at t

Geofencing for Events

Geofencing for Events

he crowd.  What are they doing?  Some people are eating a hotdog, others are laughing and yelling.  If you really look around, you will also see people looking at their cell phones. The cell phone in people’s hands is prime real estate.

Let’s Start with a Definition of Geofencing for Events:

Event targeting captures cell phone data of people attending an event. This data is used to serve the audience targeted display ads. It’s a powerful strategy that builds real-time, targeted audiences very quickly. The audience is served targeted display ads 3-5 times a day for up to 30 days after the event.

Sporting events, conferences, conventions, trade shows, concerts, music festivals, fairs, cultural events, parades, and more are perfect opportunities to capture a relevant audience interested in your product or service.

Most of the people at any given event will have their cell phones with them—meaning, advertisers can capture their attendance at the event and then market to them up to 30 days after the event. For more information, click here

Targeting an Audience

Targeting audiences who attend specified events greatly increases exposure to the demographic. It increases brand awareness and results in website traffic and even in-store visits if applicable.  Why do you think big brands sponsor events?

Event Targeting builds an audience during a specified date and time window of an event.  Ads are distributed in real-time and up to 30 days afterward to the audience.  You do not need to pay for expensive sponsorship packages.  With GetGeofencing’s marketing solution, you can achieve more than 97% in advertising efficiencies compared to advertising using a 1-mile radius targeting.

There are a number of ideal geofencing locations including:

  • Stadiums, Buildings
  • Arenas
  • Convention Centers/Trade Shows
  • Parks
  • Festivals

Here are the Top 7 Benefits to Geofencing for Events

  1. Leveraging the real estate in the user’s hand
  2. Advertisers reach attendees at a discounted rate
  3. No exclusivity issues – Your business is not locked out due to other sponsors
  4. Be in multiple places at one time
  5. Advertise in places where you normally couldn’t (like a competitors’ grand opening)
  6. Take advantage of unpredictable events (like a storm, if you are a roofer)
  7. The ability to target the audience after the event

Examples of Geofencing for Events Include:

Anyone who wants to target an event or groups of events at specified locations, dates, and times.

  • Conferences, Conventions & Trade shows 
  • Sporting Events – Pro Sports, NCAA, etc. 
  • Concerts & Tours 
  • Radio Remotes 
  • Performing Arts – Opera, Theatre, Musicals, etc. 
  • Festivals – Musical Festivals, Renaissance Festivals, etc. 
  • Fairs – State Fair of Texas, Oktoberfest, etc. 
  • Community & Cultural Events 
  • Fundraisers & Benefits 
  • Parades 
  • Venues – Madison Square Garden, Daytona International Speedway, etc.

For more ideas, check out here

Christopher Seminatore
Christopher Seminatore
Owner – GetGeofencing

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Christopher Seminatore is former Naval Intelligence.  He became familiar with military applications of geofencing technology during the Gulf War.  Since its crossover into the private markets, he has innovated strategies and protocols for effective marketing capabilities.  He currently is a guest lecturer at UC Irvine for the Masters Business Curriculum – Hyper-Local Marketing. Christopher resides in Los Angeles, California, and is an avid motorcycle enthusiast.  Drop by and say hi at his Facebook Page.


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About The Author:

Christopher Seminatore is the Managing Partner at GetGeofencing. He is ex-Naval Intelligence, graduated from Miami of Ohio, currently resides in Baja California and guest lectures at UC Irvine on Hyper-Local Marketing for the Business Administration Master’s Program. He is spearheading another project to assist business owners aptly named GetGeoLocal. Mr. Seminatore is an avid motorcycle enthusiast that hates working out but does it anyway. Go Bengals, Go Rams!  

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