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Maximize your reach and revenue with the help of native ads

Native Ads with Geofencing

Native advertising constitutes the unique style of advertising that uses paid ads to match the feel, look, and function of the media platform and format over which they appear. Native advertising can be found on social media or appear in educational and informative content.

The compelling feature of native ads is their subtlety. Unlike banner ads or display ads, native ads do not have similar traits to that a typical advertisement and appear to be part of the page’s editorial flow. Being completely non-disruptive, you can market your products or services to your consumers without appearing to be over imposing.

Why Choose Get GeoFencing Native Advertising Solutions

Have Better Control Over Where Your Ads Will Be Seen

Marketers can never be sure where the ads are going to be displayed and when. With Native Advertising we can purposefully place content into an environment where it will be seen by any audience we choose, sitting amongst similar content, matching intent and topic.

Capture Your Audience’s Attention

Due to its very ‘soft’ approach in comparison to other more obvious advertising methods, our Native Advertising is much more likely to capture our audience’s attention as, when done well, is purposefully relevant content that fits in with the page’s content or our social timelines.

Increased Engagement

Get GeoFencing creates content that is engaging, informative, and relevant, as all content should be, readers are more likely to engage, share, and like content; the best native never looks like an ad, and the content it serves is so well targeted that the audience is happy to treat it as standard content.

Ad-block Friendly

Due to our proprietary software, our Native ads are immersed in the news feed, bypassing any type of ad-block software.

Experience Better Response Rates

Consumers are prone to notice a Native ad 53% more than a display ad. Purchase intent is increased by 18% due to native ads, and ad fatigue is dramatically reduced. Get GeoFencing is dedicated to the experience of better response rates over your competitors.


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