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Cutting – Edge Location Based Digital Marketing Tactics

Cutting Edge Tactic





Geofencing builds ad audience of people attending physical locations like competitor places of business, places of interest, office buildings, decision-makers offices, etc

Upload a list of up to 1 million physical addresses from a CRM or list. Send the audience digital ads across all platforms. Great FOR direct mail, political campaigns, etc.

Search geofencing builds an audience of people searching keywords on the intenet in a specific area. Intent-based campaigns are great for e-commerce, home services, etc.

Any of the above tactics can be utilized to deliver television commercials to the targeted audience. Cost-effective, precise, and granular reporting are why it surpasses broadcast television campaigns.

Pricing for Targeted Display Campaigns

Your Ads Appear on Websites and Apps Being Accessed by the Targeted User (Programmatic Distribution)


Input How Many Impressions You Want Above If Over 500,000