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With the help of Get Geo Fencing, you would be able to take advantage of a high-impact DSP, which provides you with the adequate technology as well as services required to perform real time media buying in the most efficient manner.Agencies and advertisers can therefore, take advantage of this brilliant concept of media buying, a trend that has significantly evolved in the last couple of years as the use of programmatic media buying platforms has also become increasingly popular. The self-serve platform for advertising that we at Get Geo Fencing provide to all of our esteemed customers, allows you to have a high amount of control and thereby generate magnificent performance by utilizing a transparent and single point of access that is perfect for real time media buying.

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Why choose real time media buying?

As per traditional practices, different advertisers used to get in touch with publishers in order to convince them and negotiate deals that allowed their services and products to be displayed on the publisher’s platform for easy access by the masses. However, with the dawn of ad networks, inventory purchasing could now be done at exorbitant scales, unlike previous times. With the realization of the simple fact that inventory could now be bought in bulk, advertisers approached aggregators and the practice of real time ad exchanging started to take place. This allowed publishers to trade impressions that were impossible to be sold directly through the in-house sales team that they had in place. This was the basis, which formed programmatic or automated media buying, which was realized through the innovation of a brilliant technology known as real time bidding. Being experts at real time bidding, we at Get Geo Fencing, allow our customers to better market their brands in front of their target audiences and create efficient targeted advertising campaigns. Furthermore, we help them to gain a richer perception and understanding regarding the audience that they are catering to and therefore, make the necessary changes required to maximize the marketing ROI.

The secrets of real time media buying

A simple variation of what is known as programmatic buying, real time media buying allows advertisers the opportunity to bid for gaining the rights of being able to serve an advertisement to a specific person, on the basis of an impression by impression module. With the help of this innovative technology, advertisers do not have to keep worrying about being able to target desired audience in an effective manner. The technology itself takes care of the business, and allows the advertiser to situate the perfect advertisement in front of the ideal person at the most opportune moment of time. Here at get Geo Fencing, we are capable of providing you with exemplary real time media buying services, which allow you to target specific audiences in the most effective manner possible and thereby guarantee conversion and increase the ROI of your business. Being such an efficient tool in marketing advertisers are flocking to grab the best real time media buying deals and thereby develop and execute their branding campaigns in a quick and efficient manner, and we at Get Geo Fencing are your ideal partners to help you accomplish the task in the most effective manner.

Some benefits that you would derive by choosing us

By choosing to work with Get Geo Fencing, you allow us to serve you with our skills and talents in the most effective manner, and help you accomplish real time media buying at the most affordable rates, while guaranteeing stellar results. Some of the most pertinent benefits that you would derive by choosing the real time media buying service that we provide include:

  • Valuation and Buying- By choosing our services you get to bid specifically on individual impressions, rather than having to settle for a predetermined price. This is a highly cost effective approach, and we ensure that by choosing our services you reduce waste and never have to overpay for media. By allowing you to buy media real time, we ensure that you only pay the amount that is truly the worth of the impression in question.
  • Targeting Technology- The technology utilized by our platform here at Get Geo Fencing is focused on acquiring first and third party data in the most comprehensive manner, to provide our advertiser clients with the maximum benefits of real time media buying. By utilizing the third party data that we provide, our clients can create detailed profiles of their target consumers. Alternatively, with the help of first party data our clients are able to optimize the audience that they cater to, based on the known quantities of their own customer base. Owing to the fact that media is being bought real time, our clients can access whichever media they desire.
  • Real Time Analytics and Dynamic Optimization- Real time buying provides our customers with the huge advantage of being able to modify their advertising campaign real time, owing to the simple fact that we make performance data that is pertinent available to all customers simultaneously during the course of the campaign. Thereby, the scope of being able to optimize performance by adjusting different aspects of the campaign allows our clients to increase ROI based on how well their original campaign is performing in real time.


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