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Engage your target audience with compelling video ad content and take your business to the next level.

Enable Faster Conversions with Video Advertising

Video advertising can help your business – attain high user engagement, seek the attention of your target audiences, and reach more prospective buyers. 

All this sounds nice, doesn’t it? Now, let’s get started!

The attention spans of people are dwindling. According to a CNN health report, average attention on a screen in 2004 was 2½ minutes. But today it has decreased to 47 seconds. Readers these days spurn large volumes of text online while the consumers stare at small screens in front of their faces for hours throughout the day. Hence, the birth of video advertising, which is now becoming the dominant force in the digital marketing world.

The way brands conceptualize, create, and disseminate digital video ads has a great impact on the marketing ROI. Your brand’s ability to connect with your buyers through visual content can form the basis of the relationship between your brand and your audience.

Are you looking forward to growing your brand awareness and enhancing your reach? You can integrate our retargeting method with video advertising.

GetGeofencing’s retargeting is incredibly effective because it focuses your advertising spend on people who are already familiar with your brand and have recently demonstrated interest. That’s why most marketers who use retargeting video ads see a higher ROI than most other digital advertising channels.

Video Advertising & the Contemporary Web

It is not your imagination. Browsing the web these days is basically like watching an endless series of videos looped together on end. On different types of websites, from social media platforms to company pages, to news organizations, digital strategists have been employing an astounding amount of video content for their audience to consume at will.

Whether it is in the form of reports, educational content, ads, or entertainment, organizations have begun to catch up on the fact that high-quality videos have the ability to engage users on a substantial and deeper level. The modern internet has been driven by video ads which were certainly unexpecting 15 years ago. Thanks to the availability of personal mobile devices and reliable high-speed internet connections.

We have certainly come a long way from the 2000s when the only place for watching videos on the internet was a platform called YouTube. All that you need to do is understand how important videos can be as a driver of online content in this current era. This is evident by the increased number of outlets shifting to video production.

Explore the Advantages of Video Advertising in Your Business

Results-Driven Video Marketing Solution

Say goodbye to IT projects and technical complexity and welcome the all-in-one video advertising solutions. With a little help from our experts, you can easily tap into the power of videos to build your brand, drive conversions, grow leads, earn customer loyalty, and make your brand look great in the process.

Tell a Brand Story

video marketing

Video ads are the best format to showcase a brand message and engage viewers. You can either create an animated video ad or go for emotional ad content to build more connections. With video ads, you can reach your audiences where they are, including multiple social media platforms, and maximize the impact with marketing automation. Our unmatched ecosystem of partners will offer specialized functionality and all this is just a few clicks away.

Informed Marketing Decisions

video marketing

Our video advertising agency lets you gain impactful insights into viewer experience and content performance data. A few metrics that can help you make better marketing decisions are – average view times, click-through rates, full-screen views, number of likes or shares, etc. You can integrate our video analytics capabilities with your existing analytics solutions to plan your future advertising campaigns.

Boost Customer Experiences

Our expert services will deliver immersive video experiences to delight viewers and gain more views, higher conversions, and deeper engagements. With the digital advertising agency, you can create custom interactive video experiences in just a few minutes.

Drive More Sales and Enhance Business ROI

With effective video advertising campaigns, you can generate a higher number of clicks and shares in a short time. We’ll help you crank up conversions and track it all using our tools and other resources. Additionally, you can leverage in-video lead capture forms, score leads, and easily integrate viewer analytics into marketing automation or CRM platforms.

Score More Views in Less Time

GetGeofencing, one of the leading geofencing companies, will help you manage your social media video publishing and measurement via different tools and plugins. You will be able to publish your videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram from a single location. Besides, you can edit your videos on one platform and consolidate the analytics to see your true ROI in a comprehensive dashboard. Additionally, you can start live-streaming major events and reach your audience in real-time.

Get the Best Video Advertising Services at GetGeofencing

Video advertising has proven to be a reliable marketing tool, especially since the other forms of advertising aren’t as successful as before. The geofencing marketing company believes video advertising is the present and future of marketing campaigns.

At GetGeofencing.com, we provide reliable and proven video advertising services. For more information about our services, call our offices at 866-951-0330, and you’ll get a free quote.


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