Geofence Marketing in Texas-Things to Know Before Getting Started

July 7, 2022

Do you want to know whether you can make use of geofence marketing in Texas? Let’s check out our blog post for all the information you need.

Let’s face the truth: we cannot bear the thought of passing a day without our smartphones. Did you know Americans check their phones every 10 minutes? Think of how much business you can get via smartphones. If you are in Texas, you could really use geofencing. But of course, you would want to know why on earth we want you to use geofence marketing in Texas.

For starters, the US Military once used this technology to target people. Now, you can make it a part of your marketing mix. Let’s say, you want to entice people to visit your competitor’s store. In this context, you can create a virtual perimeter around the area. When people enter the fenced area, they can only see the geofence ads.

As a matter of fact, geofence marketing allows you to target specific people. From connected television ads to display ads, you can choose the suitable type. To know more about how geofence marketing works in Texas, let’s keep reading.

Who Can Use Geofence Marketing in Texas?

Businesses of any size can effectively use geofence marketing. As a part of an effective marketing strategy, it creates brand awareness, improves foot traffic, and boosts sales. Following are the ways you can use geofencing:

Coupled with direct mail, addressable geofencing can boost lift rates to 40%. Besides direct mailers, geofence marketing in Texas works for trade shows. If you have a list of targeted audiences, you can show them ads for up to 30 days post the show.

In addition, geofencing is effective for political campaigns. With the right message, you can appeal to the local audience.

Furthermore, another essential use of geofencing is found in revenue production. Car dealerships, retail stores, pet stores, gyms, and many other businesses can use geo fence. This is the easiest way to attract customers to your brick-and-mortar businesses.

Tips to Remember for Geofencing

The first thing to know is that geofencing yields successful results if you start early. This means you need to set up geofence campaigns a day ahead of D-day. Moreover, working on limited offers can build a sudden spike in sales.

Meanwhile, put the geofence around your competitors. In this way, you can get insights into the customers and churn out a better deal. You can also keep an eye on audience segment depending on how often customers are visiting your competitors.


In the end, do you see how important geofence marketing is? It can reach your business to the right people at the right moment. If you want to get started with geofence marketing in Texas, Get Geofencing is always there for you. To know more, call us at 866-951-0330!

Contact us for more information about Geofencing and how it works!

Chris Seminatore Get GeoFencing

About The Author:

Christopher Seminatore is the Managing Partner at GetGeofencing. He is ex-Naval Intelligence, graduated from Miami of Ohio, currently resides in Baja California and guest lectures at UC Irvine on Hyper-Local Marketing for the Business Administration Master’s Program. He is spearheading another project to assist business owners aptly named GetGeoLocal. Mr. Seminatore is an avid motorcycle enthusiast that hates working out but does it anyway. Go Bengals, Go Rams!  

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